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From Wednesday, Petrol will be 45c per litre cheaper everywhere in South Africa.

So if you’re not quite empty, then hold on until after Wednesday; and if you are, maybe don’t fill up all the way!

It works the same way for electricity too. If you’re on a domestic tariff, it may be MUCH cheaper to fill up prepaid credits tomorrow (the 1st) than today (30th).

Because most South African prepaid users are on an inclining block tariff, you have to be careful when you BUY credits, not when you use them. If I spent R500 tonight on electricity tonight I’ll get 267 units, but if I buy them tomorrow I’ll get 325 units! Think about it just like your petrol tank, but it happens every single month! Waiting just one extra day can save you 20% in Cape Town, and as much as 40% if you’re on an Eskom tariff.Homebug what I have left

Luckily my Homebug tell’s me I’ve got enough to last me until then, so I don’t need to panic! When I just checked, I see I’ve got 4 days left.

Also on you can buy credit at any time you want from your phone or computer. We even let you buy really tiny amounts – as low as R20 – so you can drip-feed your meter until you get to the next month!

If only your car could be so convenient!

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