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It’s that time of year again – electricity prices are increasing. On Tuesday (1st April), Eskom buyers will see a price increase of 8% whereas Municipalities will increase their prices on 1st July. You can delay or avoid that rise by being smarter about how much you buy, right now!

For a household that normally spends R1,000 per month, you’ll now have to spend R1080 to get the same number amount of credits (912kWh if you’re on Homelight 60A). Following this post could easily save you R113.
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Even a low-usage family would need over 14 square meters of panels (2m x 7m)

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Going off-grid may seem exciting and for many people it’s part of a vision of being self-reliance. For many going completely off grid can be expensive — it’s actually much easier and cheaper to use the ‘grid’ as your battery. You get paid when you produce more than you can use right now, and you pay the grid when you don’t have enough. This generally works out better because storing the energy for yourself in a battery will typically lose around 30% of the energy.
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If you’re looking at reducing your electricity bill lots of people will tell you:

“Unplug your chargers/transformers when not charging items, as they still draw power. These include cell phone, digital camera, battery and cordless hand vacuum/tool chargers.”

This is one of the the ‘easy’ ways lots of people think they can reduce their energy footprint. But how much of a difference will it actually make to your bill?
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At different usage levels your municipality might be cheaper or more expensive!

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You might think it’s impossible to reduce your tariff – and in some ways you’re probably right. Whoever connects your electricity will supply it your home forever. If you’ve recently de-emigrated from the UK, you might be relieved by not having to change suppliers every year to get the best deal. If you want a choice in supplier you’ll have to move home – and that’s a little drastic even for the biggest homebugs! But that doesn’t mean you can’t save serious amounts of Rand by making sure you get on the right tariff for you!

[note, some of the numbers in this article are now out of date… the message is still the same, but with tariffs changing every year the numbers will have changed]
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